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An Incredible Range of International Opportunities

Travelling with Rustic Pathways

Rustic Pathways offers four types of programs to students in the Asia-Pacific region. For school groups, we have one to four week journeys across eighteen countries. Teachers can travel with their students and our experienced guides to expand their curriculum into an international forum. During the school holidays, we offer individual students the opportunity to connect with students from around the world to share exciting travel experiences. We offer Gap Year students numerous month-long adventures along with long-term service placements through our Gap for Good initiative. For School Leavers, we are proud to commence offering meaningful and rewarding travel experiences in the weeks following graduation. We invite students to experience one of our many wonderful, life-changing opportunities.

Group Journeys

Rustic Journeys

International Learning Journeys for School Groups

These are our programs for school groups. With the entire world as our classroom, we welcome teachers and students to join us in the profound work we do around the world. Our Rustic Journeys are customised around your school’s requirements and range from service-learning to curriculumbased programs. We partner with schools to expand students’ horizons and develop them into compassionate, globally-minded citizens.

Rustic Trips

Rustic Trips

Student Travel Programs During School Holidays

Students – come and travel during the school holidays with other 14 -18 year olds from around the world! Some students bring a friend, but most sign up on their own and make new friends as they travel with friendly peers and Rustic’s guides. With more than 100 programs in 19 countries, the depth of our Rustic Trips are unmatched in student travel. Choose from community service, adventure, language, or life skills programs.

School Leavers

School Leavers

Alternative Schoolies Week Experiences After High School

Interested in new ideas for a truly unique schoolies week? Rustic Pathways offers trips at the end of year 12 for school leavers from around Australia. Step away from the crowds and turn your schoolies week into the trip of a lifetime! Come and join a volunteer or adventure program in exotic Fiji, amazing Thailand or wild New Zealand, or get some friends together and contact us to help organise your own custom schoolies trip.

Gap Programs

Gap Year

Volunteer Placements and Adventure Travel

For high school graduates who wish to embark on a life-changing adventure before or during university, our Gap Year programs offer a new level of opportunity for personal growth. Running from September to May each year, these programs range from trans-African odysseys to self-directed work with impoverished youth in developing countries. From four weeks to a full year, explore the exciting opportunities with us.

Family Travel

Family Travel

Customised Family Adventures

With our friendly staff and expert guides, we invite families to benefit from our 31 years of experience by arranging a custom family trip. Parents can join their child overseas before or after our student programs, or plan a trip at any time of the year with friends and family. Our extensive overseas network, unique volunteer initiatives, and personalised planning service means we can create truly wonderful memories for you and your family.

About Our Organisation

Rustic Pathways is a family of exceptional individuals from diverse backgrounds. We employ graduates of some of the world's greatest universities; we also employ wonderful men and women who hail from some of the least-visited corners of the world. University graduates team with former Burmese refugees and staff members with advanced degrees proudly work alongside their peers who only recently came out of jungle villages. By pairing Western leaders with overseas staff, we create a powerful explosion of energy that can change students' lives. We value kindness, integrity, honesty, a caring nature, respect, enthusiasm and deep local knowledge as much as we cherish the values of formal education. The correct blending of these qualities is incredibly powerful.

Safety Is Our First Priority

Safety is the first priority across all our operations. Rustic Pathways is fierce about safety issues and works diligently to maintain our excellent safety record. Our extensive global network provides groups with an exceptional support base within the countries we travel. Rustic Pathways completes comprehensive risk assessments on all programs, we strive to exceed industry standards and we provide 24-hour support from our Australian office while groups are travelling. Rustic Pathways receives the most current travel advice from government agencies and local contacts and we adjust itineraries where appropriate to maintain the highest standards of safety. We employ caring leaders and consistently reinforce the importance of genuine care as one of the core values of our company. The fact that so many of our leaders around the world are full-time employees makes it easier to ensure that care and safety are deeply etched into the character of our whole organisation.

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