Commitment to Education

Rustic Pathways provides empowering, educational travel experiences for students of all ages. Today's youth live in a global community where an awareness and appreciation of other cultures is an important part of their learning and development. Our programs provide experiential learning opportunities to educate, enlighten, inspire and empower students at various stages of development. Each program is carefully planned, managed and implemented by our leadership team and the programs are constantly refined to ensure students receive the most rewarding experience possible. We strive to instill values in our students, broaden their world views and develop their skills to grow into our next generation of leaders. With the world as our classroom, Rustic Pathways is committed to educating youth on a global platform.

Experiential Education

Our programs offer learning opportunities that cannot be created in a traditional teaching environment. The combination of adventure travel, cultural immersion, community service and outdoor activity creates a powerful platform for experiential education. Our leaders carefully facilitate and process students' experiences to maximise their learning.

Personal Growth and Development

We carefully take students out of their comfort zones, place them in challenging positions and help them to grow. Our programs promote critical thinking, which helps students learn more about themselves. The life experiences gained through our programs help develop young students into more worldly, responsible citizens with a balanced perspective on life.

Life Skills

Our leaders foster the development of life skills such as leadership, communication, teamwork, decision-making and problem solving. Many students leave our programs feeling more empowered, inspired, motivated and capable to make positive changes in their world.

Environmental Education

Many of our programs focus on educating students about the environment in the regions we visit. We work with both well-established and grassroots organisations to teach students about environmental issues, discuss solutions, revegetate land and promote sustainability.

Life Changing Experiences

Our programs can change students' lives. Some former students of Rustic Pathways have returned from travels to establish non-profit organisations. Others provide continued support through fundraisers for the people in the areas they visited. Many return with a new perspective on life and become more actively involved within their local community.

Developing Global Awareness

Promoting greater global awareness and cultural understanding through travel is a common thread to our programs. We expose students to issues in parts of the world to which they would otherwise be oblivious. Using community service, outdoor education and adventure activities as powerful teaching tools, we stretch students' minds, deepen their global understanding and expand their world views. We instill a global perspective in all of our students.

Foreign Languages

While all our programs encourage students to learn some local greetings and phrases, we also offer several programs focusing specifically on learning a foreign language. Our long-standing relationships with Dali University in China and Spanish language schools in Costa Rica deliver formal language classes that we combine with home-stays, service and adventure.

Transferring Students' Learning

An important element to our programs is helping students review and reflect upon their experiences. Our leaders help students process their learning so they are better equipped to transfer and apply their new knowledge and skills to their lives back at home.

Customised Learning Programs

Our programs have been carefully refined over many years, but we understand that teachers and students may have specific learning objectives they would like to focus on. Rustic Pathways will work with groups to customise our programs to suit their particular area of study. Please contact us to discuss how we could add value to your curriculum through our enriching international programs.

Rustic Pathways