Rustic Pathways first ventured into Africa in 1996. In 2006 we opened our first programs in Tanzania and have been running enriching community service and adventure trips for high school students here ever since. We also offer private trips for groups who would like to experience the majesty and diversity of Tanzania.

Airline Information and Program Connectivity

All Tanzania programs start and finish in Arusha, Tanzania. Rustic Pathways' leaders will meet students when they arrive at Kilimanjaro airport in Arusha, Tanzania. Please visit or call us on 1800 321 435 for complete information about air travel. All of our Tanzania programs connect together seamlessly.

Fact File

Population: 41 million
Capital City: Dodoma
Currency: Shilling - 1 Aussie dollar buys about 1,436 shillings (as of November 2010)
Languages: Swahili and English

Well-Known Attractions

Serengeti National Park: one of the world's most well-known game reserves and home to some of Africa's best wildlife viewing
Zanzibar: tiny island off the coast of mainland Tanzania that is home to spectacular white-sand beaches and turquoise seas
Mount Kilimanjaro: the highest point in Africa and the world's tallest freestanding volcano

Local Lingo

Jambo: Hello!
Habari gani: How are you?
Mambo: What's up?

Did You Know?

Known as the Cradle of Mankind, East Africa is one of the oldest continuously inhabited regions on earth. Some of the oldest hominid remains have been found in the area around the Olduvai Gorge and in the Great Rift Valley, including the footprints of a distant human relative that are 3.75 million years old. There are over 100 distinct tribal groups in Tanzania alone. Tanzania is home to some of the most celebrated wildlife reserves and national parks in Africa. Serengeti National Park is unequalled in its beauty and density of species. At 264 square kilometres, the extinct Ngorongoro Crater is the largest complete crater in the world and provides a habitat for a wide array of animals.

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