School Leavers

Alternative Schoolies Week Experiences After High School

Schoolies Week…Rustic Style!

Our School Leavers trips are so much more than your average schoolies week experience. These programs offer rewarding opportunities and create amazing memories for you to look back on. Our programs are guided by legendary, inspirational leaders, and phenomenal local staff. We’re not going to baby-sit you but we pride ourselves on offering safe, fun experiences in wonderful overseas locations. Step away from the crowds and turn your schoolies week into the trip of a lifetime!



With an amazing choice of programs, the hardest part could be deciding where to go! Take the time to review all the programs in this brochure. Nearly every trip is available to School Leavers, with choices like riding an elephant in Thailand, launching out of a plane in New Zealand, or building a school in Fiji!



Choose between set-departure dates with students from around Australia, or get some friends together to organise your own adventure. With years of experience in planning adventures for students, Rustic can create your ideal schoolies trip that will make the Gold Coast seem lame.



We’ll help you every step of the way as you prepare for your adventure. This allows you to remain focused on getting straight A’s on your exams. We’ll assist you with flight arrangements, packing lists, and pre-departure information. The end of the year will come around before you know it!



School’s out and its now time to mark one of life’s great milestones. Our guides will be there to help you have an unforgettable experience while staying safe in a foreign country. Celebrate with an awesome adventure you will be telling your friends and family about for many years to come.

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