Our friendly and welcoming staff are as diverse as the Indian subcontinent. From residents of the southern shores of the Kerala Backwaters to families in the northern peaks of the Ladakhi Himalayas, our full-time and part-time staff have been bringing a wealth of local knowledge to our high school, Gap Year and private group trips since 2005.

Airline Information and Program Connectivity

All India programs start and finish in New Delhi, India. Please visit rusticpathways.com.au/flights or call us on 1800 321 435 for complete information about air travel. All of our India programs connect together seamlessly and also connect directly to our programs in Thailand, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, China, Vietnam and Mongolia.

Fact File

Population: 1.18 billion
Capital City: New Delhi
Currency: Rupee - 1 Aussie dollar buys about 44.85 rupees (as of November 2010)
Languages: Plentiful - 14 official languages and hundreds of dialects, 41 percent of the population speaks Hindi

Well-Known Attractions

Taj Mahal: one of the seven wonders of the world
The Himalayas: the world's highest mountain range
Pushkar Camel Fair: careful, they spit... 20,000 times!

Local Lingo

Namaste: Hello
Kam Caro: Make it cheaper
Kya tum Ricky Ponting ko jante ho?: Do you know Ricky Ponting?

Did You Know?

As the world's most populous democracy, India prides itself on its rich tapestry of cultures and communities. It is said there is a new language and a different group of people every twenty kilometres. After gaining independence on August 15, 1947 from the British, India has quickly become a unified nation and is an emerging world superpower.

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