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Our Mission Statement

Rustic Pathways is a pioneer in providing superior quality travel and service programs for students and families in some of the world’s most welcoming countries. Rustic Pathways demands professionalism and integrity across all of its operations, insists on quality in all aspects of its programs, and places the safety of its students above all other considerations. We enrich the lives of our students and our staff, benefit the parts of the world we serve, and build cultural bridges that lead to greater global understanding and cooperation.

A Greeting from the Directors

Welcome to Rustic Pathways and our 31st season of life-changing programs for students!

Hello and welcome!

Rustic Pathways is a world leader in experiential education for high school students. If this is your first encounter with us, welcome! We are pleased you found us and hope you enjoy reading about who we are and what we do. Take the time to digest this book and discover the wonderful range of opportunities that await your student or child.

As the Australian Directors of our international organisation, we are extremely proud to offer these global programs through our Australian company, Rustic Pathways Travel. We have seen thousands of students safely return from life-changing journeys across the globe, and we are very optimistic about Rustic Pathways’ contribution to education and youth development over the next ten years.

What a turbulent twelve months it has been around the world. Dictators have been overthrown, countries have risen up to fight for democracy, and our financial systems have been threatened. We are moving towards a more sustainable future through advances in areas such as clean energy, yet we continue to wrestle with humanitarian issues and still see millions of displaced people living in refugee camps. While our world leaders unsuccessfully debate about solutions, encouragingly, we see educators and parents widely recognising the importance of raising our next generation of leaders to have sound moral groundings, strong sets of values, and compassionate hearts.

We are very optimistic about your children’s future. Our programs expand horizons, challenge youth to dream, and fill students with positive energy that inspires them to impact their world. Through our cross-cultural service programs, students gain the perspective and confidence required to tackle the unique challenges that lie ahead. We believe in the power of youth to help shape our future. We believe that your student or child can make a difference.

Every parent hopes their child’s life will be punctuated with wonderful experiences. We at Rustic Pathways would love to provide your student or child with one of those unforgettable, life-changing adventures.

Best wishes to you and your family,

Evan Wells

Director - Rustic Pathways Travel

Born in New Zealand and now living between Australia, Fiji and the U.S., Evan has spent the last 21 years helping to shape Rustic Pathways. With a degree in business and a love of the outdoors, travel and diverse cultures, he is an integral part of our team. When away from work, Evan enjoys exploring different parts of the world with his wife and two young sons. He also races competitively in marathons and other long-distance endurance events internationally.

Sam Murray

Director - Rustic Pathways Travel

Sam has worked in the outdoor education profession since 1998. With education degrees from La Trobe and Monash universities, he joined the Rustic team in 2008 and now manages our operations in Australia. Sam has been instrumental in developing our Australian business, and his passion for travel inspires his commitment to providing experiential education programs to students worldwide. Sam lives in Victoria with his wife and two young children.

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